The Eldritch Terrors in the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3 ended with Father Blackwood summoning the Eldritch Terrors through the mysterious egg he’d found in Scotland. This egg helped Sabrina time-jump from present to the past to save Greendale from the pagan who are worshipping The Green Man. These new chilling adversaries – the ‘Eldritch’ refers to the monsters created by the horror author H.P. Lovecraft. These Eldritch Terrors conform to no rules, patterns, or laws as the human race recognizes them. It is up to Sabrina and her family and friends to defeat these powerful creatures.

Here are the 8 Eldritch Terrors on every episode of the fourth part of the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina:

1 The Eldritch Terror – THE DARK

The first Eldritch Terrors to manifest to Greendale is The Dark. They have taken the form of the miner and started destroying anything materials that produce light. Its sole purpose is to bring absolute darkness into the world. Sabrina defeated it with the help of her other half – Sabrina Morningstar, daughter of Lucifer, Queen of hell using the Morningstar light that strong enough to trap the darkness.

2 The Eldritch Terror – THE UNINVITED

The Uninvited is another entity that kills anyone who does not let him through their door. Any rejection that he receives makes him consider the host as heartless. As a result, he literally rips his unwelcoming host’s heart as a consequence. Using Roz’s cunning, they were able to prevent this unfortunate event. They let the man in and Ross was able to touch him and saw the images of the other Eldritch Terror that will fall upon Greendale. With the help of Lucifer, Lilith, Calaban, and Sabrina Morningstar, the entity was defeated. They trapped it inside Sabrina Spellman’s yellow dollhouse and chant a spell to lock the entity trapping him forever.

3 The Eldritch Terror – THE WEIRD

The third Eldritch Terror to attack Greendale is The Weird One. It is a parasitic entity that relies on a host to survive. It went inside Sabrina as she was sleeping to be its host. They first attempted to remove it inside her body by dehydrating it since The Weird One is an octopus with the help of the river witch, Sycorax. They were able to successfully remove the octopus in her body but its consciousness went into Sabrina’s brain. Through the help of Pesta, the rot witch, she infected Sabrina’s brain with unknown to mankind and witchkind. The entity left Sabrina’s body and Ambrose is fast enough to transfer its consciousness to a real octopus and freeze the water, trapping the monster frozen.

4 The Eldritch Terror – THE PERVERSE

The Imp of the Perverse bestows upon its owner any wish. It has the power to warp and perverse reality itself. Father Blackwood took the Imp of the Perverse from a collector of rare trinkets. Wishing to be an emperor, Blackwood ruled Greendale. The reality was bent for its residents except Roz and Sabrina who had an interaction with an Eldritch Terror before so they are immune to Blackwood’s wish. The team was able to defeat Blackwood with the help of the trinket man giving Ambrose the sacred Stone of Omphalos which is also called ‘The Stone of Reality’.

5 The Eldritch Terror – THE COSMIC

The Cosmic is an entity that refers more to an event instead of an entity. It is able to create whole realms the size of the mortal, infernal, and celestial realms and send them hurtling toward one another on a collision course. The collision was prevented by sending one Sabrina to another Earth as an offering or sacrifice to appease the imbalance in the universe.

6 The Eldritch Terror – THE RETURNED

The Returned is personified by the biblical character Lazarus. He was restored from the dead back to the land of the living four days after his death. The Returned summons the dead loved ones of Sabrina and her friends. It was defeated with Lilith’s help using the Spear of Longinus. The spear is the only weapon that can kill anyone cursed with immortality.

7 The Eldritch Terror – THE ENDLESS

The Endless is the next entity to show up right after The Return. However, this entity is not materialized on Earth but on the other dimension where Sabrina Morningstar was sent to. The world seemingly looks like a TV set of a sitcom. The alternate character from Spellman’s world are around but playing different roles in Sabrina’s life as part of the cast of the show. The main star of it is Sabrina’s familiar, Salem. It was later revealed that Salem is The Endless. It was not successfully defeated per se since the episode ended with Sabrina and Salem escaping the other realm and died after informing Sabrina Spellman of the impending doom of Greendale.

8 The Eldritch Terror – THE VOID

The Void is the final Eldritch Terror to hit Greendale. It will also be the cause of the end of the world as it plans to suck all of everything that there is and turn it into nothingness. The collector helps them again by gifting them Pandora’s box. It was used to suck the Void and all the other entities just like how it was used by the gods to conceal the monsters and all the ugliness from the world.

Sadly, this latest release will be the show’s last part. It was announced by the showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa around July that Season 2 will be the last part of the show. I’m just hoping that one or two characters will at least show up in Riverdale for a short cross-over. Who is with me?

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